Welcome to the Withersdane Campus

We are delighted to announce a new project intending to revitalise the Withersdane Campus and bring it back to it’s former glory.

We shall run Withersdane as a clinic to treat addiction, stress, eating disorders and other related problems for a clientele who are seeking a private and secluded sanctuary in order to heal themselves from these life problems.

To see other examples of clinics we run please view http://promis.co.uk or http://www.no11clinic.com/

With this site we hope to be able to explain how our intended use for the Campus will very closely resemble it’s former use as there is a close parallel between a higher education process and that of the process of providing residential psychological treatments for these problems. We also hope to explain how we might have a mutually beneficial and neighborly relationship with the residents of Wye.

Aims of the new facility

Services to be offered

The new facility will not only help PROMIS expand its existing services but will also be an avenue for exciting new developments under the brand of The Mind Campus.

This new brand will keep true to the atmosphere of the facilities as a campus and offer an environment for those struggling mainly with trauma, depression and eating disorders to receive more speciality care.


Further Individualised Care

Even though individuals struggling with these issues and even addiction can benefit from the company of each other and partaking in group sessions, having a larger site will allow the clinicians to differentiate the main presenting problem and offer uniquely targeted treatment.

High Staff to Patient Ratio

PROMIS keeps a high staff to patient ratio and this is something we will keep whilst offering a larger scale service.

Family and Friends Accommodation

Those close to the patient will have the opportunity to be more involved. Accommodation will be designated for the use of families.

All Phases of Treatment Patient Ratio Accommodated

PROMIS keeps a high staff to patient ratio and this is something we will keep whilst offering a larger scale service.

Clients will be able to stay longer periods of time as they can transition from primary care into secondary and tertiary care within the same compounds.