Things you may be wondering about
Why have Promis chosen Withersdane?

Withersdane is situated in a beautiful and tranquil part of the English countryside, offering our clients the perfect place to get away and focus on themselves. Additionally, the facilities and space offered will provide us the ability to expand our services and infrastructure to enable us to help more people.

Will the existing buildings be retained?

Yes, all buildings will be refurbished as necessary. We do not intend on altering the structure of any of the buildings. The grounds and gardens will be revived and maintained.

Will the proposals require an official change of use class under planning law?

We would like to maintain the original property without extensive modifications, therefore have no plans that require a change of use.

Do you have any plans to build additional buildings on the site?

No, we do not have any plans to build additional structures.

What type of conditions would patients attending the clinic be treated for?

We address a wide range of behavioural health problems ranging from trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders to substance abuse.

We receive a diverse international clientele as well as many national residents.

Are patients able to leave the clinic and use the village facilities?

Primary care patients will have supervised outings where as secondary care patients will enjoy independent outings in which they can go sightseeing, do shopping or simply get a coffee.

How many patients would the clinic treat?

We will start off with 15 patients and grow slowly. To grow we need to hire and train more staff and also refurbish the site which will all take time and require additional resources.

How many staff would work at the clinic?

We keep a staff to patient ratio of 3:1 at our current facilities, we will scale accordingly as we add more beds to the facility.

Will you seek to use local suppliers and hire locally?

We are looking forward to discovering what the local communities and suppliers in the surrounding areas have to offer and are open to job applications.

What impact would staff and patient movements have on local traffic?

We do not anticipate a high volume of traffic as most patients will not be arriving in their own transport and remain at the facility for extended periods of time. The property also enjoys ample parking facilities for any personnel and visitors that may be making shorter trips to come see their relatives and loved ones.

Would local people have access to Witherdane’s gardens?

Unfortunately not. Our clients are often vulnerable and so the security of the site and safety is a concern for us. We will have an open day in the Summer and will then welcome visitors to the gardens.

Will the new clinic use local medical facilities to treat patients?

Yes, if necessary. However, we require very minimal use of medical facilities for our patients and we also prefer to use psychological rather then pharmacological treatments wherever possible.

When would the new clinic be likely to open?

It is our wish to join your community as soon as possible. This may be as soon as a few months time.