Further Information

Timescales, planning and the next steps.
How to keep up with the project and who to keep in touch with.

Phase one

Immediate plans

Planning for the move

  • The aforementioned areas of Withersdane Hall Old House, Dunstan and CEAS buildings are expected to be repaired and refurbished straightaway.
  • There will initially be 15 beds made available for the incoming clients.
  • Further repairs and refurbishment will take place once the other areas are habited and according to any needs that arise during the first stage.

Community Notice

What you need to know!

Minimising any inconvenience

  • We are pleased to inform the community that there will not be any knocking down of buildings or extensive construction work. All efforts will be to refurbish the buildings, secure any dangerous spots, upkeep the gardens and restore areas needing some attention.

Contact details

How to get in touch?

Website and Job Board

  • You can visit http://withersdane.com/ to keep in touch with any developments and view the job board.
  • This is a site maintained by PROMIS Clinics and will be regularly updated with our news about the property and The Mind Campus.
  • Three quarters of the total number of staff will be employed within the community.
  • Please let us know your opinions and any suggestions that you may have by filling out our Feedback Form.