We are already receiving applications for jobs at the new Withersdane site so we are creating this page to invite further applications.

We have always preferred to employ staff from the local community wherever we have been.

Medical Staff

We have a doctor and psychiatrist who will be coming with us but will also need more medical staff for extra cover. We also have a general nurse and a mental nurse but again, will are looking for more cover there too.

Care Workers

We are looking for staff who can provide round the clock care for our patients.

Grounds staff

Withersdane already has inspirational ground staff who we shall ask to work with us for as much time as they can give us. I’m sure they will also appreciate some extra support though.


We are looking for people with skills from psychotherapy through psychology to experiential therapies (music, art, psychodrama)

Fitness Instructors

Our patients want to improve all areas of their health and this will include fitness. We have lovely grounds here at Withersdane which will be really inspirational.


We have a lot of work to do both to bring the buildings back to their previous good condition but also to make improvements. We would prefer to use local tradesmen and staff as they will continue to be available.

Other therapies

Our clients are exploring a wide range of therapies including acupuncture, massage, shiatsu and also want treatments for beauty and hair.

Chefs and kitchen staff

We provide only the highest quality food.

Please email us  to register an interest in any of these areas.