Layout Plans

Potential uses for different areas

Withersdane Facts

12 Houses and 4 Apartments
Total Area of buildings 41,137sq m
Total Area 23.95 hectares

Proposed Initial Renovation

3 Buildings to undergo repairs and renovations:
The Withersdane Hall Old House ground and upper floors. The whole of the outside area.
Dunstan Skilbeck Hall.
CEAS Building.
The Gardens.

Proposed layout use

The Withersdane Hall Old House is to be refurbished in its entirety. The ground floor is dedicated as a living area whereas the upper floor with 17 bedrooms is to be used as patient accommodation.

All 36 rooms will be prepared as an accommodation block in Dunstan Skilbeck Hall.

CEAS building, ground and upper floors are to be used as one to one rooms and group rooms and lecture theatre.